Hengyang Hengfei Cable Co., Ltd.

Hengfei cable has been focusing on wire and cable for nearly 60 years, whose products can meet the needs of real estate, electric power, petrochemical,coal,aviation, rail, marine, highway, machinery,electronics, metallurgy, almost all industries.



Culture is an eternal affinity and centripetal force.Ubiquitous and moisten things silently corporate culture,

which is the effective guarantee to unity and promote ego value of the company; Vigorous and lively culture

make the company more attractive.






                                In recent years the company conducts  wide-range of domestic and foreign exchange and cooperation ,attracts many foreign clients to visit our company,the products take this out of the country,export to Germany,Russia,Finland, Kuwait, Venezuela,Indonesia, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Angola, Lesotho,Algerial, Ghana, Panama and more than 20 countries and districts.



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