Hengyang Hengfei Cable Co., Ltd.

Hengfei cable has been focusing on wire and cable for nearly 60 years, whose products can meet the needs of real estate, electric power, petrochemical,coal,aviation, rail, marine, highway, machinery,electronics, metallurgy, almost all industries.


Advanced product equipments

 Since 2008, the company conducted a comprehensive upgrading of the equipment, one after another installed many advanced

equipments, for example CPD 2,500 stranded-caterpillar traction cable forming machine、SJ120*25 cable sheath production line、

GX115/14+85/14 silicone rubber cable extrusion line、DA-13 copper drawing machine、JLY500/12+18+24 cradle-type warping winch、

Ex35 high temperature extrusion machine、EX50+VEX50 double extrusion machine、CLY 1250/1+1+3 cradle cabling machine、JGG500/1+6

tubular stranding machine,JLK500/12+18+24 frame strandng machine、POF630Z+EX70+CP1245+TKUP630 plastic extrusion production line、

EX90+CP1860+TKUP160D plastic extrusion production line、JGG 500/1+6 tubular stranding machine、SJ 90*25 cable sheath production line、

XJWY-1250+150 rubber continuous extruding and vulcanizing machine、XJWY-120+90 rubber continuous extruding and vulcanizing machine、

XJWY-70+90 rubber continuous extruding and vulcanizing machine etc.. Overall equipment has achieved th domestic and international advanced leve.

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